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Ligmincha is a global community of meditators and practitioners of the ancient Bön spiritual tradition of Tibet. Bön had been exclusive to the most remote locations of Tibet and was only passed down from person-to-person over centuries. Drawing deeply from Bön, Ligmincha’s geshes, lamas and western teachers provide clear, authentic experiences of Tibetan meditation, tradition, rituals, history and more.

Today, Ligmincha aims to bring the Bön spiritual tradition and its teachings to the western world.

Who is Ligmincha for?

Ligmincha Ireland is for everybody regardless of background, age, location or religion, who wish to find awareness and peace in their lives regardless of circumstance. Bön can be practiced alone or in a group setting at live practices or on-line. It allows us to act from a place of concious awareness as we make decisions and go about our daily lives. The Bön teachings show us how to embrace the joys, sorrows and challenges of life with an open heart. By connecting more fully to ourselves, we connect more fully to life. 

The teachings of the Yungdrun Bön tradition guide the practitioner towards recognition of the true nature of mind. They guide us to reflect within our lives and recognize the role of anger, attachment and ignorance in our suffering. Through the practice of open awareness we can awaken our innate wisdom and manifest qualities including love, compassion, joy and equanimity. Bön teaches a truth that is primordial, unchanging, and indestructible

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Founder and Director of Ligmincha International.

How do I get started?

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Join our Irish community WhatsApp and Facebook groups. Learn via the Ligmincha Youtube channel or join our communities where you can meet others and ask questions

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View a list of resources and links where you can learn more about Ligmincha and the Bön spiritual practice. 


Join our in-person and online events. You can view Ireland-based and International Ligmincha events below.

Events and Practice Groups

Everyone is welcome to take part in Ligmincha Ireland events. We host on-line and in-person practices of Bön Yoga techniques on a weekly basis and also host full day and weekend gatherings. No previous experience with meditation or yoga is necessary. We are regularly adding more events as our community grows.

International Ligmincha Events

Ligmincha International organise regular in-person and online events, courses and retreats. Connect with the wider Ligmincha and Bön community through the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these practices for?

The Nine Breaths of Purification and the Tsa Lung movements can be done by anyone, and we mean anyone and everyone! Some of the practices in their fullest expression are demanding, but all of them can be modified to suit your specific situation. Many people of different ages and physical abilities have practiced the techniques with benefit. 

There are aspects of breath retention and movements from a seated or meditation posture but everything is performed within your own comfort zone and from the level that is right for you in the moment.

Is the practice similar to other forms of yoga?

Tsa Lung works by a different mechanism than the kinds of yoga best known in the west. In yoga, we usually hold static poses for several breaths, or we move the breath with the body, flowing. In Tsa Lung we hold the breath and the attention in specific places in the body while dynamically moving the body. Each exercise concludes with a forceful exhalation and clearing movement. The power of the breath and the focus of attention as we move generates heat, or subtle warmth. This starts to clear the energy body. Ultimately, yoga and Tsa Lung have the same goals, but they approach them with different methods. 

How do I get started?

There is currently a lot of information on line so if the Bön tradition is new to you look up some of the information on the site above through There are also free introductory courses on Ligmincha

In order to begin practices or to sit in on an on-line or in-person practice contact Mary or Robert on whats app or by the email link below. 

There will be intoductory days and on-line introductory sessions also to aid people in deciding if the Bön tradition is a fit for them and also to help people to further their experience.

There are a number of 10 week teachings throughout the year also. Each week a different aspect of the practice is explained and practiced so by the end of 10 weeks the practioner is capable and confident to practice alone.

Can I practice by myself?

Yes! You can read up on it and the book “Awakening the Sacred Body” is an excellent guide to the Tsa lung practice.

It is although beneficial to receive teachings from a teacher and to gain an understanding of the practices in order to help you to access your inner refuge which you can practice yourself or in a community (sangha).

If practicing alone it is important to remember the refuge and to dedicate the merit of the practice.

Do I need experience with meditation to participate?

Anyone can begin to participate and practice without a need to be experienced or knowledgeable in yoga, meditation or any other spiritual practice.

Meeting yourself where you are at and showing up with an open mind and open heart will allow you to connect within in the practices, which will be guided to assist you. Once you become familiar with the basics and begin to connect with your inner space you can then decide if this path feels right for you and you can then further your knowledge through the many resources available.

Are the events and practices physically challenging?

These practices meet you where you are. They are capable of modification based on your level of strength and flexibility without diminshing the benefits. People with physical disabilities as well as athletes have been practicing regularly.

The importance of stillness, silence and spaciousness is paramount to the practices so even without the movements, practicing taking these three precious pills will be of benefit to the practitioner.

Where can I find more resources?

The teachings can be found through numerous resources. Tenzin Wengyel Rinpoche has written numerous books which can all be located on Ligmincha Learning.

You can learn more through websites such as,, 3doors,, and many resources on Youtube.

What is the typical size of events?

Online weekly events usually host between 15 to 30 practitioners.

Live classes are generally held weekly in Monkstown, Dublin and the maximum capacity of the room is 20 people.

Full day and weekend retreats have been generally in the region from 15 to 30 participants.

Online events with numerous Rinpoches can have up to 1000 participants.

The Irish and International communities are constantly evolving and growing as practices and courses are increasing in number.

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